A Worldwide Teaching Program to Stop Rape

High rates of sexual assaults on college campuses get a lot of attention — and rightly so. But do you know what group has higher rates of sexual assault and rape than college women? College-age women who aren’t in college. Read More

“What makes you a girl?” The question comes out with a flamboyant roll of the “r,” and the young Kenyan teacher with pink-highlighted hair captures the attention of chattering school-age girls. Bashful, some hide their faces and giggle. Others shoot their hands up to answer. “Breasts,” says one little girl earnestly. “Buttocks!” shouts another. The teacher calls on a third student, who primly states, “I was going to say hips, but it’s almost the same thing as buttocks.” Read More

Deep inside Kibera’s Laini Saba area, a class is in session. It is not your ordinary class, though. The 54 secondary school boys listen attentively as Mr Walter Amadi imparts important life skills to them. He is teaching them how they can stop sexual violence against women. This is the first of two-hour lessons that Mr Amadi, 32, will give to the PCEA Silanga High School students over a six-week period. Read More