LEE PAIVa - Founder and CEO

Lee Paiva is founder and CEO of No Means No Worldwide and creator of IMpower, a dual-gender violence prevention and intervention program. Since 2007, she has implemented her program in the six largest slums of Nairobi, Kenya. In 2013, she partnered with researchers at Stanford University to form the GBV Prevention Collaborative, which led to her co-authorship of five peer-reviewed articles about the efficacy of IMpower classes in cutting rape and pregnancy-related school dropout by 50%. She also founded Sexual Assault Survivors Anonymous for survivors ages 5 and up. She is a Mulago Rainer Arnhold Fellow and her work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and ESPN, among others. She lives in San Francisco, California.




Katherine Daiss – Development and Partnerships Manager

Katherine Daiss runs NMNW’s Development and Partnerships. She has driven the growth of NMNW’s global presence by building relationships with new donors and enabling partners. Prior to NMNW she worked in South Africa developing GBV and HIV prevention curriculum and training. Her business expertise stems from leadership consulting for Fortune 500 companies across North America, Europe and Asia.


Leah Krumpholz - Business Development

Leah is a resourceful international development professional with more than 12 years of global field experience. Having lived in Southern Africa for many years, Leah works fluidly across different cultures and builds strong relationships based on friendship, trust, and mutual respect. With a comprehensive understanding of non-profit management, she provides technical support to help organizations define their unique growth strategy, build streamlined operational structures, expand their partner and donor networks, and achieve sustainable social impact.

Having raised more than $20 million for youth-focused develop-ment initiatives worldwide, Leah is accomplished at both fundraising as well as managing awards to success. She is the co-founder of Groundswell Education, a global consulting group that is proud to work deeply with NMNW.